Rental Process

We don’t just have excellent cars at Signature Car Collection; we also have excellent customer service. When you call us to reserve your rental, we’ll take care of every question, concern, and need you can think of. Looking for a car to surprise your fiancée with? We got you covered. Interested in booking an exotic set of wheels for your trip to NYC, Atlantic City, The Hamptons, Miami, or the Jersey Shore? We can help. We don’t just handover a vehicle, we provide you with a Signature Experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

First, take a look at the fleet to view our incredible selection of highline vehicles. From luxurious interiors to powerful engines, our cars ensure a smooth ride from the inside out.

Next, give us a call to receive a detailed quote on your supercar rental. Whether you’re looking for a short joyride or a weekend cruiser, we can help you plan out your rental, including delivery and pick-up.

When it’s time to rent, all we ask for is a valid driver’s license from you and any additional drivers, a valid insurance card, and a valid credit card. For full details, check out our policies page.

Once the keys are in your hand, you’re ready to hit the open road. We invite you to enjoy all the bells and whistles our vehicles have to offer, provided that you stay safe and abide by all laws. Other than that, have fun. We can’t wait to hear your road stories when you return.

Upon returning your vehicle – we know, it’s going to be difficult – we will remove the temporary $5,000 security deposit hold on your credit card, granted that the car is in the same condition as when you received it.

Look at our FAQ page for more information on the rental process.





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