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“Signature Car Collection delivered as promised. This was not my first experience renting high end exotics and I decided to try Signature Car Collection vs some of the other NYC and South Jersey companies. I cant say I had the best of experiences with the other exotic car rental companies so I was skeptical of Signature. To my very pleasant surprise, my experience was professional and friendly from the beginning. Signature delivered a seemingly brand new Lamborghini Gallardo to my home with only a few hours notice. The delivery person was professional and well dressed and the car was immaculate. Everything about the car was was fully explained and the process was fast and efficient. With no further questions from me, Signature Cars told me to enjoy my weekend with the Lamborghini and off they went. I did nothing but go out to dinner and drive around enjoying every second of the Gallardos throaty exhaust. Every mile was a thrill for a girl who loves motors and horsepower. My boyfriend fully enjoyed the car as well and he was able to drive it too. Signature made everything so easy! After my experience with Signature, they are A+++. If you are a high exotic admirer, and like to do everything first class, dont even try the other companies as they are disappointments. When you rent an exotic, you expect high end service. Signature was top flight from beginning to end and this girl will be back renting the Murcielago during the Summer. Great Job Signature and the Signature Crew” – See more at:





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