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A windowless Jet Airplane?

Posted by Jules Rha | August 15, 2014

A windowless plane?? I first learned of this concept through the Telegraph, a UK newspaper written by John O’Ceallaigh in the luxury section.  A streamlined futuristic plane that states it would be more fuel- efficient for private jets than existing ones. A French Design agency by the name of Techicon Design has developed renderings of a windowless jet! Insanely innovative in my
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The word about Signature Car Collection is spreading! Motor Trend joins the SCC fan club

Posted by Jules Rha | April 24, 2012

Motor Trend joined Signature Car Collection for a tour around Manhattan in our fleet of exotic and luxury cars, and it took just a few hours for the seasoned journalists to become part of the SCC fan club! Follow the link to read MT’s impressions of Signature Car Collection. If this doesn’t convince you, learn about the SCC experience and give us a call today!

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Check out what the New York Times had to say…

Posted by Jules Rha | September 26, 2011

The New York Times was in the house for our grand opening event, and they were quite impressed with our new home base! Click over to the New York Time’s article in their Automotible section to read NYT’s Richard Chang”s report about Signature Car Collection and our new delivery center and headquarters.

The rental process is also quite simple – What you need:
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Valid Full Coverage Insurance Card
  • Valid Credit Card/Debit Card

Up to $5000.00 will be verified on your credit card as a security deposit. As long as you bring the car back to us the way we delivered it to you, the hold will be removed. Please note, we do not charge your credit card; we only verify that the funds are available.



Northeast Headquarters
60 Avenue A
Newark, NJ 07114
Fax: (973) 230-1862